Chester Step Test

£30 booking deposit – Non-refundable on bookings cancelled 24hours prior to appointment

What is it?

This test is designed to test and individual’s aerobic fitness and capacity. The Chester Step Test is a sub maximal (this means you don’t have to work to exertion) test which requires you to step onto, and off a 30 cm / 12″ step (a standard gym bench), at a rate set by a metronome, sufficient to elicit a heart rate of around 80% max heart rate at a moderate level of exertion. It is a multi-staged test so every 2 minutes there is an increase in the rate of the step. Exercise heart rates are then plotted on a graph and an aerobic capacity and fitness rating may be calculated.

This test has been used globally for over two decades in a wide variety of workplace settings including the fire, police, prison, ambulance, military services, oil, gas and offshore wind farm industries and other scenarios where an aerobic capacity assessment is required.

How long does it take?

This is dependent on your fitness levels. A 30min consultation is blocked out with one of our healthcare professionals. However, this include pre-test screening, explanation of the test, completion of the test and test results analysis and explanation. The test it’s self usually takes around a maximum of 10mins to complete.

What to wear/bring?

Whilst this test is sub-maximal and doesn’t involve any running, we advise that comfortable clothing is worn. This could include a light/sports T-shirt and shorts/gym pants. However, this is just considering your comfort. Flat shoes should be worn. Sports trainers are ideal for this test, however, not essential

We advise that you bring a bottle of water with you as your heart rate will be raised and it is important to stay hydrated.

Post test:

After the test, we ask you to remain with us for 10mins, or until your heart rate has returned to its normal resting rate. This allows us time to go through your results with you also. You are then free to go home. If any cardiac symptoms are experienced, such as dizziness, chest pain and left arm pain, you should seek immediate medical attention. However, due to this being a sub maximal test, it’s is highly unlikely that this will occur.

On completion, you will be given a score and receive a Certificate of Test.

Test Fee: £60

A few weeks ago, I was suddenly taken ill with a chest complaint while in an hotel in Glasgow. A doctor was summoned and very quickly arrived. The delightful Dr Sheila O’Neill treated me very well and thoroughly professionally. I couldn’t have wished for better treatment

Billy ConnollyComedian, Actor and Entertainer

“I have had persistent neck and shoulder discomfort for some time. Regular visits to my local GP did not help. I was recommended to see Dr Sheila O’Neil who gave me a check-up and recommended that I see her physiotherapist colleague, Vicky Graham. I have had three sessions of physiotherapy and have regained full mobility in my neck and shoulders and feel a great deal better. I am very grateful to Dr Sheila and expect, with my husband, to sign up with her as regular patients.”

Mrs Johnston

“Dr. Sheila O’Neill and her team quite literally saved my life. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Diagnosis of a serious condition that had been misdiagnosed by three hospitals took less than 2 weeks, including an MRI. Setting aside the professionalism, they are also just extremely nice people. Imagine a GP that truly cares and will be calling the patient after hours to see how they are getting on – that is what I got from Dr. Sheila O’Neill. There are no superlatives that adequately describe the service. Great. Fantastic. Superb.”

GMK Group

I would like to thank Dr O’Neill very much for her time today: I get the impression that she is a very caring professional, knowledgeable and reassuring, and that she makes explaining conditions crystal clear, which is exactly what is needed for an anxious patient like myself. The staff that I met were all extremely welcoming, well-groomed and helpful too. Add to this the very relaxing and beautifully scented ambience and it was really a truly positive and pleasant visit. Thank you.

Linnea Blair