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We have a number of cosmetic procedures and treatments available at our city centre based Glasgow Medical Rooms, carried out by fully qualified professionals. Our industry-leading team at Glasgow Medical Centre use the very best treatments, procedures and products to rejuvenate and refresh appearance. From injectables such as dermal fillers and botulinum toxin, through to laser skin resurfacing and chemical peels, our team are passionate about achieving natural-looking results that enhance and refine.

Dr O’Neill has completed courses for dermal fillers and chemical peels at Harley Street in addition to her general practice qualifications and experience.

Dr Paul Beresford-Jones is also a qualified doctor. Therefore, you can ensure you’ll be in safe hands when undergoing any cosmetic procedures at Glasgow Medical Rooms.

Thread Veins

Dr Paul Beresford-Jones runs his Dr Newmans Clinic from Glasgow Medical Rooms every Friday.
Dr Newmans Clinic is the UK’s only private doctor led clinic solely dedicated to the treatment of facial veins, facial redness, rosacea, red nose, red cheeks, large nose veins and leg veins.

What are thread veins? Also medically known as Telangiectasia, they are a common complaint that can affect people of all ages and are often found on the face and legs. They can cause a lot of misery for people who suffer with them.

Is this laser treatment? No. Laser is not used in any of our treatments. The techniques we use are injection compression sclerotherapy and the modern method of treating finer veins, Thermocoagulation, often referred to as Veinwave. Thermocoagulation is far more successful in the removal of thread veins than laser therapy. The skin is treated safely and effectively using microwave technology. The microwaves penetrate the tissue to approximately 0.5-2mm, which has no adverse side effects.

Dr Newmans currently have 7 other clinics operating around the UK: Harley Street London, Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle and Belfast.  Please click here for further information:

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

With over 10 years’ experience administering wrinkle reduction injections, Dr O’Neill is a trusted professional you can rely on to undertake this procedure with utmost care. Contrary to the general public belief, it is only very small amounts of Botulinum toxin that are used to obtain the desired cosmetic results. In actual fact, much larger amounts of wrinkle injections are used to treat medical conditions such as migraines or facial asymmetry. As a result, side effects are quite rare.

Botulinum toxin, used for anti-wrinkle injections, is a protein that helps stop muscle spasm. It works by blocking the signal from the nerves to the muscles, softening the facial lines.

Dr O’Neill carries out all wrinkle reduction procedures at Glasgow Medical Rooms.

Procedures available include:

Forehead – ‘worry lines’ formed when we raise our eyebrows

Glabellar – ‘frown lines’ appearing in the area between the eyebrows

Crow’s feet – the areas around the outside of the eyes

Bunny lines – wrinkles at the bridge of the nose

The first wrinkle treatment appointment lasts for approximately 1 hour. Each treatment thereafter lasts for around 30 minutes. Downtime is very short, with the main symptoms experienced being some redness and discomfort, as well as slight swelling at the injection site. It takes around 2-3 days for effects to be noticed, with the full effect of the treatment achieved within 2 weeks. Results typically last 3-4 months, but this can be longer after receiving repeated treatments.

Hair Loss Treatment

Male hair thinning and hair loss is the most common type of hair loss, caused mainly by the increasing sensitivity to male sex hormones in part of the scalp. Whilst it is often a hereditary condition, there are treatments available which can help regain hair and prevent further hair loss at the earlier stages. At Glasgow Medical Rooms we offer a full consultation, whereby medical treatment may be recommended as appropriate.

The two main types of Male Hair Loss treatments available include:

Minodixil lotion – commonly known as Regain, and is applied twice daily to the scalp. Benefits vary from person to person, and effects tend to wear off as soon as treatment is stopped.

Finasteride – also known as Propecia, this treatment is taken orally to block the hormones which affect hair follicles. Propecia tends to show positive effects for around 80% of patients over 3 to 6 months.

For more information about any of our cosmetic procedures, or to enquire about an appointment or consultation, please call us on 0141 225 0140 or