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At Glasgow Medical Rooms, we offer traditional general practice services on a private basis which you are welcome to access alongside regular NHS GP provision. Our aim is not to rival our NHS service, but to work in tandem with it, and offer some additional benefits and services you may not currently receive.

General appointments

General practice appointments with our Private Doctors at Glasgow Medical Rooms last either 15 or 30 minutes at the patient’s discretion. We offer lengthier appointment times than routine NHS times, giving you peace of mind and us a clearer understanding of your issues and treatment required.

We also aim to tackle the issue of appointment waits by offering our patients an appointment within 24 hours. Our convenient city centre location means you can make a quick appointment for that migraine or lingering sore throat, without having to wait several days to be seen.

To make a general appointment with a Doctor at Glasgow Medical Rooms please call 0141 225 0140.

Registering with us

We would be delighted to look after your health and give you bespoke medical care. If you register as a patient, you would be entitled to the most up to date medical care available.

You will have GP appointments as required as well as telephone access to Dr O’Neill within the hours of opening.  You will also benefit from a discount on the rest of the services offered in-house and a medical at registration that includes some blood tests that screen for anaemia, liver and kidney function.

You do not need to give up your NHS GP to do this. You can choose whether the information held by Glasgow Medical Rooms is shared with your NHS GP or not.
We have excellent links with local hospitals so if a referral is needed this could be done quickly and to the best person in their field.

To register, please call 0141 225 0140.

Vitamin B12 injection

The main vitamin which needs to be administered in injection form is Vitamin B12. This can be administered after assessment, and if appropriate the Vitamin B12 injection will be administered every 2-3 months on average.

The most common symptoms of low Vitamin B12 include fatigue, tiredness and sometimes low mood. A simple blood test can be arranged to confirm this. If you are worried about low Vitamin B12, please make an appointment to discuss.

Bowel Screening

Bowel screening is a suggested routine screening test for men and women over 50. The test is undertaken in order to spot signs of bowel disorders and cancer, and patients should provide a stool sample in order for the bowel screening test to be carried out. As with other screening services available, patients can expect results within a few days.


Does your child need routine vaccination? Or perhaps you’d like a speedy appointment when they are feeling unwell. At Glasgow Medical Rooms, we can provide general GP services for children, as well as a number of specialist services such as vaccination, counselling and more.


Musculo-skeletal problems are extremely common and one of the major reasons for sick leave for employees. We want you or your employee to recover and return to their normal activities more competent and able than before.

Glasgow Medical Rooms offers physiotherapy as one of its core services. With currently no waiting list, employers can have their employees seen at short notice.
Individuals are also assessed at short notice.

The areas covered are:
– sporting injuries
– repetitive strain injuries
– acute and chronic low back pain
– cervical headaches
– arthritic joint pain
– women’s health including antenatal/postnatal muscle joint pain