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Press release:

One of Scotland’s newest independent general practitioners has been awarded a prestigious contract by the UK’s national licensing agency, the DVLA, to assess drivers who are seeking the return of their licence.

Dr Sheila O’Neill has been named as one of only three doctors in Glasgow tasked by the DVLA to undertake assessments of fitness of those banned for drink driving and drugs offences who are seeking to regain their driving licenses.

Dr O’Neill, who opened her new private practice – the Glasgow Medical Rooms at 211 St Vincent Street – in the summer, has already seen a steady stream of assessment patients from across the Greater Glasgow area.

She said: “The DVLA has very strict procedures which have to be fully observed before it will consider re-issue of licences to people who have been convicted of offences or who have been drug users.

“They involve a rigorous screening about the patient’s medical history and use of alcohol or drugs, a physical examination and blood and urine tests to ensure that the applicants are now fit to drive.”

The contract is remarkable professional approbation for such a new medical practice, one of only a handful of private practices in Glasgow and one of only two private GPs in the city centre.

The Glasgow Medical Rooms was established by Dr O’Neill after spending 20 years with the NHS as a partner in an inner-city practice on the South Side of Glasgow. She has extensive experience of drug and alcohol abuse issues.

Convicted drink drivers and drivers under the influence of drugs who are applying to have their licences returned have to pay for the medical examinations themselves. Former drug users and patients with declared alcohol issues have their procedures arranged and paid for by the DVLA.

High risk drink-driving offenders are categorised as people who have been convicted twice in 10 years, who had high breath or blood readings, or who refused to provide breath or blood samples.

People who have been dependent on drugs fall into different categories depending on which drugs they have misused and which type of vehicle they wish to drive.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 0141 225 0140.

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