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With any illness, the most important step on the road to recovery is diagnosis. Knowing what you’re dealing with is the only way to be able to seek and be provided with the correct treatments. Diagnosing illness, no matter how serious, at the earliest stage possible is the best way to help guarantee recovery. That’s why we at Glasgow Medical Rooms endeavour to set appointments within 24 hours. We are able to provide regular medicals to keep your mind at ease about any worries you may have.

Why do many illnesses go undetected?medic-563425_1920

There are a huge number of reasons why illnesses may be diagnosed late. Being unaware of the signs and symptoms of illnesses can often mean that people will not immediately seek medical advice when they appear. It is important to be aware of the different ways in which illnesses can make themselves visible and to be aware of any changes in your body. If you are concerned about any changes or irregularities in your body, it is crucial to visit your GP. Many people often delay doing so as they may be scared of what the doctor might find or feel they may be wasting the doctor’s time but, if unchecked, something which may be easily cured can quickly spread and treatment becomes more and more difficult and this is when survival rates begin to fall.

Diagnosing illness ASAP

Early diagnosis can make a real difference. In cases of breast cancer, 90% of women who seek medical help and are diagnosed at the earliest stage of the disease will survive for at least 5 years compared to around 15% of women who are diagnosed at the most advanced stage of the disease. With lung cancer patients, 70% will survive for at least a year after diagnosis at the earliest stage compatime-481445_1280 red to only 14% of those diagnosed with the most severe level of the illness.

Early diagnosis is crucial for receiving the correct treatment to be able to manage any illness. In cases of incurable conditions such as HIV or diabetes, early diagnosis will result in patients being able to manage their illness from a much earlier stage and through doing so increase their quality of life.

Even with seemingly much more common illnesses such as influenza, being seen by a GP and receiving treatment as quickly as possible is the best way to a speedy recovery. Especially if you have any other underlying health problems, you should never be concerned that you may be wasting a doctor’s time.

With 1 in 4 cases of cancers remaining undiagnosed until emergency admission to hospital, educating yourself about how to recognise possible warning signs and taking action if they present themselves is incredibly important. Of course, diagnosing illness early is only the first step to recovery. Ensuring that patients receive the correct treatment is of utmost importance and that is what we at Glasgow Medical Rooms are committed to doing.


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