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In the field of private medical services, it can be hard to get ahead, and generate that vital reputation for excellence that turns a profession into a lifelong career. Even those who are providing a well-established service can find the location of their practice less than ideal, or find themselves unexpectedly without a place to call home.

Glasgow Medical Rooms is glad to offer a rare opportunity to rent one of the luxurious rooms in the practice to a consultant or practitioner. Located in Glasgow City Centre, less than five minutes walk from major public transport links, Glasgow Medical Rooms has a well-deserved reputation for being the home of prestige names in private, doctor-led medical care.

The rooms available are well-appointed, spacious and would suit most consultants, podiatry, dieticians, personal trainers, masseuses, beauticians and minor surgeries, such as the Veinwave services provided by the Dr Newmans Clinic.

   practice room interior    gmr-internal-room-6

If you are a consultant or practitioner looking to rent a room in the finest surroundings to grow your business, then get in touch with practice manager, Deborah Creedy.


For further information, please contact Deborah Creedy, Practice Manager, Glasgow Medical Rooms. T: 0141 225 0140. E: W: