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Standard Fees
Registering as a Patient
Sexual Health Screening
Other Vaccines
Blood/Urine Tests
Therapeutic Massage


Occupational Health


Cancellation Policy

Standard Fees

15 minute consultation £60
extended – up to 30 minute consultation £100
Telephone consultation £40 (10 minutes – charge pro rate after)
Home Visit call out fee – Glasgow area (postcodes G1 &G2) £100
Call out fee (Glasgow outwith G1 & G2) £150 – other locations on request
Prescription £10
Repeat Prescription £20
Referral £40
Ear Syringing £70
ECG £85
Spirometry £40

Patients can pay by cash or card (including American Express).
Please note there will be a cancellation fee of £30 for appointments cancelled within 24 hours

Registering as a Patient

Per month        £65 (individual patient)

  • Free face to face GP consultations as required (please note home visit call out consultations are not included)
  • Free telephone consultations as required
  • Free writing up of prescriptions (normally £10 standard/£20 repeat)

Patient registration can be discounted to £49 per person when two people register at the same time.  Please contact us if you would like to register as a patient.

Corporate rates available on request

Sexual Health Screening


Sexual Health Clinic


Female Asymptomatic


Male Asymptomatic


Female Symptomatic


Male Symptomatic


Health Medicals

Well Woman/Well Man Screen from £395
OGUK £125
HGV £125
Sexual Health Screen (including chlamydia and HIV) £200
Visa Medicals:

  • Cayman Islands £350
  • China £340
  • Saudi Arabia £650
  • Schengen £125
  • South Africa £250

Other visa medical prices on request
Pre-employment medical – fees on request


Visa Medicals and Travel Vaccines

Please contact us for details of other vaccinations.  Please note vaccination prices can change due to availability – please phone for current prices

Cholera (2 doses required) 
£40 each
£45 each
Hepatitis A (Adult)
£60 each
Hepatitis A (Child)
£70 each
Hepatitis A + Typhoid combined 
£100 each
Hepatitis B (Adult/Child) – 3 doses required
£95 each
Hepatitis A + Hepatitis B combined – 3 doses required 
£85 each
Japanese Encephalitis – 2 doses required 
£90 each
Yellow Fever 

Other Vaccines

£19.50 – Quadrivalent
Meningitis B (Bexsero) 2 to 4 doses required – age dependant 
£140 per dose 
HPV – Gardasil (3 doses required)
£180 per dose 
Chicken Pox (2 doses required)
£65 per dose 
Shingles (Zostavax)
DTP (Diptheria, Tetanus, Polio) 

Blood/Urine Tests

Plus consultation fees where required 

Full Blood Count 
Blood Group 
U & E (Urea & Electrolytes) 
LFT (Liver Function Test)
Lipids Profile (Cholesterol)  
PSA (Prostate-specific Antigen)  
Female Hormones (per) 
Urine Drug Screen 
Urine Drug & Alcohol Screen 
Early Detection HIV/Hep B/Hep C Test (post 10 days)
Sexual Health Screens
From £170 – please contact Practice for details of sexual health screens 

Please contact us for prices of other tests


Counselling Information

Consultation – £110 


Consultation – £50 1 hour, £35 for 30 minutes

Insurance company payments: Our physiotherapists are registered providers with the major medical insurance companies. We are prepared to invoice the insurance company directly on behalf of patients provided Glasgow Medical Rooms is supplied with an appropriate registration/membership number and claim or authorisation number where required at initial assessment.We are unable to invoice insurance companies retrospectively on behalf of patients. Please note that patients are responsible for payment where there is the insufficient cover, an insurance company rejects a claim or an excess exists in the policy. This agreement is between patients and Glasgow Medical Rooms and patients are ultimately responsible for all invoiced payments.


Consultation – £110

Therapeutic Massage

Consultation – £50 1 hour full body massage, £30 30 minutes back, neck, shoulder, £30 30 minutes lower body 


Counselling Information

Consultation – £45


Consultation – 1 hour initial appointment – £97

30 minutes follow up appointments – £55

Packages also available from £372 for 1 initial + 6 follow up appointments 


Occupational Health

1 hour medical assessment
30 minute review
Please contact us for further prices or bespoke quotation


Wrinkle Reduction Injections – 1 area
Wrinkle Reduction Injections – 2 areas
Wrinkle Reduction Injections – 3 areas
Thread Vein removal – consultation 
Thread Vein removal – treatment 



Cancellation Policy

If appointments are cancelled within 24 hours a charge of £30 will be made.

Please note cancelled Clinical Psychology appointments will incur a full consultation charge within 48 hours.