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At Glasgow Medical Rooms we believe in being proactive about healthcare, rather than just reactive. Currently the shift in our society is moving towards prevention and wellbeing in terms of individual health, and so we offer a number of different private medical services on an individual and corporate basis.

We now also have Instant drug testing available at the practice.

Employment medical

We work with companies to protect both organisations and their staff through thorough medical examinations. Private medicals can be tailor-made to meet precise HR requirements if necessary, and with a flexible appointment system in place, we should be able to accommodate any requests.

Employment medical assessments and pre-employment medicals usually take the form of the following:

  • Comprehensive medical history including lifestyle, past medical problems and medication taken
  • A full medical examination including assessment of the gastrointestinal system, cardiovascular system and respiratory systems
  • Height, weight, BMI and blood pressure check
  • Blood tests for screening including full blood count, liver function and cholesterol
  • Vision and hearing checks
  • An ECG to check heart rate and rhythm

Travel medical

Depending on your circumstances, it may be necessary to receive a Travel Medical in order to complete your visa and therefore be granted access to your chosen holiday or business travel destination. Glasgow Medical Rooms can help with this. We provide extensive travel medical appointments lasting around 1 hour depending on the type of visa required. Please see our travel page for more information or click here to download visa forms.

Well woman/well man medical

These are comprehensive medical tests which look into general health and wellbeing as well as a targeted medical history. Each medical also screens for medical issues which are respective to each gender, such as cervical or prostate health. For more information, please see our well man or well woman pages.

OGUK Medicals

Anyone working offshore in UK or Norwegian waters will be required to have an Oil & Gas UK (OGUK) Medical Certificate.
OGUK certificates have been recognised for Norwegian waters since 2013 and certificates are valid for 2 years unless you have a medical reason for a restriction.
Glasgow Medical Rooms will issue your certificate at the end of your appointment. More information about the Oil and Gas Medicals.

Please advise us when booking the appointment that it’s for a medical examination.

What’s required for the appointment?

You’ll be asked the following:

    • to complete a short form with your medical history
    • to show a form of photo ID

The Health Screening involves:

    • A physical examination
    • An audiometry (hearing) test
    • A spirometry (breathing) test
    • A urine screen

To book an appointment call 0141 225 0140.