Travel Visas

Depending on which country you intend to visit, you may require a medical prior to being granted a visa. The medical may incorporate slightly different elements. However, you should allow around one hour for the assessment which will include a run-through of your medical history and a thorough physical examination. Other elements of the medical may include things like blood test, chest x-ray, administering of vaccinations and more.

Further information will be provided prior to your appointment depending on the type of medical assessment required. When attending a Visa medical, you should bring the visa medical form with you, along with your passport, any glasses, contact lenses, significant hospital letters or any long-term medication you may be taking.

Costs of Visa medicals vary depending on the intensity of the examination. Countries covered include Cayman Islands, China, Indonesia, Kuwait, Schengen countries, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. Please see below for medical forms or email across your form to: info@glasgowmedicalrooms.

Visa forms should be downloaded or faxed to Glasgow Medical Rooms prior to your appointment, and the Visa should be noted when calling, so we can arrange the correct appointment for you.