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Corporate GP Services

People are a vital resource in any business. If your staff are unwell or absent, your productivity, output and returns begin to suffer. That’s why it pays to consider the health and well-being of your employees.

At Glasgow Medical Rooms, we offer a variety of corporate GP services in order to ensure your company is in safe hands, and keeps your business running smoothly.

Minimise downtimecorporate gp services

One of the main problems people cite when it comes to seeing their GP is the waiting time for an appointment. If a staff member is ill, this could mean extra days off while they wait for their appointment, before they are even diagnosed or prescribed treatment or medicine to help. On the other hand, the staff member may come into work until they can see their GP, which might cause an illness or infection to spread. Sickness can quickly become an ongoing problem in the workplace, with at least 1 member of staff absent on any given day.

At Glasgow Medical Rooms, we offer same day appointments in our city centre practice. This means it’s not only convenient and quick for your staff to be seen and treated, it can also minimise downtime for you in the long run.


In flu season you may again have a continual rotation of sick staff due to the spread of flu. Why not protect your staff and minimise sickness rates during this period by offering flu jabs to your workforce? We can easily arrange to come to your workplace or schedule your staff to come into our practice. Appointments can be arranged quickly, and for the time it takes to get an injection, you could save yourself a lot of time and resources over the winter months.

Smooth travel

vaccination-1215279_1920 If your business requires a lot of travel abroad, you may find yourself having to arrange visas and medicals on a regular basis ahead of travel. Another of our beneficial corporate GP services available at Glasgow Medical Rooms is our fast and convenient visa medical process. With 1-hour visa medicals, all we require is that you let us know the country you or your staff are travelling to and ensure you have pre-filled the correct visa form (you can print yours here). Additionally, we can administer any vaccines your staff may need prior to travel.

Safety Net

Fortunately, in Scotland we have a healthcare system which we don’t need to pay for, so healthcare isn’t always a necessary employee perk to offer. However, by offering a safety net to employees who could use Glasgow Medical Rooms when they need a quick and convenient appointment, you show employees that you value their health and wellbeing. This can have positive effects on morale and the way that staff look at their own health, which can be of benefit to everyone.

For more information on our corporate GP services or to discuss corporate rates, please email