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Corporate GP Services – Glasgow Medical Rooms

At Glasgow Medical Rooms we believe health and wellbeing make up the foundation of a happy and content workforce. Too many days and production hours are lost each year due to illness and absenteeism. Our aim is to contribute to your corporate healthcare with a variety of occupational health services and corporate GP services to suit whatever your company’s needs. Contact us via the corporate contract details form for any queries you may have on our Corporate GP Healthcare Glasgow.

Corporate GP Services Glasgow

Frustratingly, it can take weeks for a staff member to be seen by their NHS GP. This means they could be taking off more time than needed, before they are given treatment or advice to combat their illness. Moreover, if additional referrals are needed for injury or further examination, this could take even more time.

We can offer same-day appointments with our Private GPs. We can place urgent referrals when required, helping you to reduce absenteeism and increase workforce productivity. We have excellent links with private hospitals and can also refer to the NHS. We also provide competitive corporate healthcare packages for companies with large staff numbers – tailored to individual company requirements.


Flu Vaccinations

Flu jabs for individuals and companies across Scotland are available from Glasgow Medical Rooms. Flu season occurs from September to February each year, so it’s worth considering flu vaccinations for your staff to reduce illness and absence. We are able to travel to companies to administer the flu vaccine, plus we don’t consider any company to be “too small” to vaccinate. We are happy to discuss these requirements further, including corporate healthcare rates for services.


Health Assessments

Health assessments can be tailor-made to meet precise requirements. Or, we also offer standard bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and male/female assessments. We offer a flexible appointment system to fit in with your business and can provide further assessment if necessary.



Depending on your company, you may require your staff to undertake regular alcohol or drug screening tests. In addition, this may be a requirement ahead of agreeing to employment. Whether you require one-off multi-staff screening, regular staff checks, or pre-employment screening, Glasgow Medical Rooms can help.

PRICE: Costs for medicals and screening are based on the number and type of requirements requested by the company, with quotes given upon discussion of your requirements.


Staff Travel

Working in a global economy can mean that your staff are required to travel a lot for work. Depending on the location and nature of travel, this can often involve staff requiring visas to enter a country and conduct business there. We offer a corporate private visa medical service, whereby your staff would receive a medical tailored to the particular visa/country they are visiting. These appointments usually take 1 hour per staff member.

We now also offer COVID-19 Fit-to-Fly Testing. You can find information about or PCR Travel Test here.


Support Services

A number of jobs today involve working in highly stressful environments or involve tasks that can have psychological after-effects. If you are worried about staff absence through stress and anxiety, or just wish to provide your staff with the reassurance that they can talk to someone confidentially about issues relating to work or home, we can help. With both a fully qualified counsellor and a clinical psychologist in the practice, your staff can speak in confidence about issues such as stress, loss, PTSD, addiction, and much more.

Musculo-skeletal problems are extremely common and one of the major reasons for sick leave for employees. Glasgow Medical Rooms offers physiotherapy as one of its core services. Individuals can be assessed at short notice.


A few weeks ago, I was suddenly taken ill with a chest complaint while in an hotel in Glasgow. A doctor was summoned and very quickly arrived. The delightful Dr Sheila O’Neill treated me very well and thoroughly professionally. I couldn’t have wished for better treatment

Billy ConnollyComedian, Actor and Entertainer

“I have had persistent neck and shoulder discomfort for some time. Regular visits to my local GP did not help. I was recommended to see Dr Sheila O’Neil who gave me a check-up and recommended that I see her physiotherapist colleague, Vicky Graham. I have had three sessions of physiotherapy and have regained full mobility in my neck and shoulders and feel a great deal better. I am very grateful to Dr Sheila and expect, with my husband, to sign up with her as regular patients.”

Mrs Johnston

“Dr. Sheila O’Neill and her team quite literally saved my life. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Diagnosis of a serious condition that had been misdiagnosed by three hospitals took less than 2 weeks, including an MRI. Setting aside the professionalism, they are also just extremely nice people. Imagine a GP that truly cares and will be calling the patient after hours to see how they are getting on – that is what I got from Dr. Sheila O’Neill. There are no superlatives that adequately describe the service. Great. Fantastic. Superb.”

GMK Group

I would like to thank Dr O’Neill very much for her time today: I get the impression that she is a very caring professional, knowledgeable and reassuring, and that she makes explaining conditions crystal clear, which is exactly what is needed for an anxious patient like myself. The staff that I met were all extremely welcoming, well-groomed and helpful too. Add to this the very relaxing and beautifully scented ambience and it was really a truly positive and pleasant visit. Thank you.

Linnea Blair

I have used GMR on 3 occasions, 2 because I was worried about my health and once for a routine medical. On the 2 occasions I was concerned I was seen within hours on the same day, having determined that I should see a consultant the doctor called my insurance provider whilst I sat in front of her and made the necessary noises to make sure I would see the right consultant. On both occasions, she knew the consultants personally and persuaded them to see me right away, on the first occasion that night and on the second first thing the next day.

Mr R Hounsell