Occupational Health

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Occupational Health from Glasgow Medical Rooms

Glasgow Medical Rooms offers Occupational Health in addition to our existing range of services. With workplace absence due to sickness costing firms an average of £595 per employee per year, it makes sense to maintain the health and welfare of your staff and make it a corporate priority.

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What we do? 

  • Combine medical experience with knowledge of many different working conditions.
  • Advise on the interaction between health and work by carrying out appropriate occupational health checks of employees and then providing managers with professional advice, enabling informed management decisions to be made.
  • Provide information and advice about occupational health matters to employers and employees.

Occupational health is a specialised area of medicine primarily concerned with the sustainability of an individual in the working environment. It considers the individual’s health status related to his or her ability to perform specific tasks. Employers have a duty of care, under the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, to ensure the health, safety and welfare of all employees as far is reasonably practical.

What is offered?

  • A bespoke corporate healthcare package
  • Short-lead time health care
  • Follow up care and appointments
  • A structured approach to your healthcare
  • Regular assessments and occupational health checks
  • Visits to your offices to provide this and discuss any other service you may need e.g. vaccinations, talks on wellbeing/healthy living/mental health issues.
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I would like to thank Dr O’Neill very much for her time today: I get the impression that she is a very caring professional, knowledgeable and reassuring, and that she makes explaining conditions crystal clear, which is exactly what is needed for an anxious patient like myself. The staff that I met were all extremely welcoming, well-groomed and helpful too. Add to this the very relaxing and beautifully scented ambience and it was really a truly positive and pleasant visit. Thank you.

Linnea Blair

“I have had persistent neck and shoulder discomfort for some time. Regular visits to my local GP did not help. I was recommended to see Dr Sheila O’Neil who gave me a check-up and recommended that I see her physiotherapist colleague, Vicky Graham. I have had three sessions of physiotherapy and have regained full mobility in my neck and shoulders and feel a great deal better. I am very grateful to Dr Sheila and expect, with my husband, to sign up with her as regular patients.”

Mrs Johnston

We took our 2 year old son in to see Dr O’Neill for a meningitis B vaccination recently. Due to shortages of the vaccine, we had been on a waiting list with a well-known high street pharmacist for months without knowing when they would get stock in. We came across Glasgow Medical Rooms who had the vaccination and we managed to get our son booked in the next day. The clinic was very smart and easy to access in the city centre too. Dr O’Neill was great at dealing with our toddler. It was a relief to get the jabs sorted so quickly and would highly recommend the service to others.”

Mrs Crawford

“Dr. Sheila O’Neill and her team quite literally saved my life. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Diagnosis of a serious condition that had been misdiagnosed by three hospitals took less than 2 weeks, including an MRI. Setting aside the professionalism, they are also just extremely nice people. Imagine a GP that truly cares and will be calling the patient after hours to see how they are getting on – that is what I got from Dr. Sheila O’Neill. There are no superlatives that adequately describe the service. Great. Fantastic. Superb.”

GMK Group

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£30 booking deposit – Non-refundable on bookings cancelled 24hours prior to appointment